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What is Gravity?

Gravity can simply be explained as a longitudinal electromagnetic torsion (or twisting) field effect caused by the spin or angular momentum of fundamental particles. All particles have the property of spin. The electromagnetic aether filling space is well known in physics to have an impedance value of 376.73031 ohms and is linked to particles through charge. As charged particles spin at relativistic speeds, the aether bends or curves around the particle creating an attractive tension between the same particles. This is also know as "curved spacetime." The concept is illustrated in Fig.1 below.

Figure 1. All atoms have spin or angular momentum.

Fig. 2 shows how the ether is under tension due to torque produced by spinning particles. The change in length, dL, is negative. The force of gravity is therefore, a "pulling" action.


Figure 2. Twisting Moment or Torque occurs in space.

The tension in space is the cause of gravity between spinning particles. The torque produced by spinning charged particles also creates the property of mass; therefore, the particles have inertia.

A non-spinning particle cannot have inertia or produce a gravitational attraction. It can still bind electrically with other atoms, however.

Gravity/Antigravity Control

To counteract the effect of gravity or torsion created by the total summation of spinning atoms, counter-rotation is introduced. The objective is to cancel out angular momentum both mechanically and electrically.

The analogy that perfectly describes this "exotic" technology to be developed at "The Ranch" is shown in Fig. 2 below.

Figure 2. The Technologies Analogies: A Concord stagecoach is to the NASA space
shuttle, as the Benz Automobile is to the X1, as the Rolls Royce
Phantom 1 is to the craft built at The Ranch.

Yes, the saucer-shaped craft that will be developed at "The Ranch" is being compared to a Rolls Royce automobile. A state-of-the-art vehicle of its day. But, by the same token, NASA's space shuttle is being compared to a Concord stagecoach!

You'll also observe in Fig. 2 that the craft built by Otis T. Carr, the X1, has attributes related to both the stagecoach and the Phantom 1. An evolutionary step between the old and the new era in transportation technology.

Figure 3. The German Haunebu 1 (The Adamski Craft).

Fig.3 details the German Haunebu 1, which is also known as the Adamski craft was observed as UFOs during the 1940's and 1950's. A "Geist Energy Field" or torsion field is produced around the craft effectively cancelling out angular momentum.


Figure 4. The X42 Saucer Craft Design.

As shown in Fig. 4, a proposed design includes counter-rotating electric coils driven mechanically by three electric motors. A DC current is applied to the coils such that a powerful opposing magnetic field is setup further cancelling out angular momentum. A localized "Geist Energy Field" or torsion field is produced around the craft effectively neutralizing it from the surrounding gravitational field.

 FREE Energy (Zero-Point Energy) Research and Development The vacuum or aether is filled with random fluctuations of energy. Paul Dirac, a physicist from the first half of the 20th century referred to this vacuum or plenum as the "Sea of Negative Energy". A vacuum or plenum consisting of electron/positron pairs that exist below their respective ground state. The key method of harnessing this energy is to "create" a curvature or torque between two Newtonian inertial reference frames, then extract this energy freely given by the vacuum. If the curvature or torque between these two inertial frames is zero, the two frames are said to be equal, NO FREE Energy is available. However, if the curvature or torque is non-zero, or a difference exists between these two frames, energy is freely given or taken from the vacuum. The direction or sign of this curvature or torque determines if energy is freely given or taken. Fig. 5 below shows how this process occurs.

Figure 5. Extracting FREE Energy from the vacuum.

Now, is there any direct evidence of this vacuum exchange of energy occurring in nature? Yes, the Pound Rebka experiment clearly shows this phenomenon. An energy exchange occurs between gamma rays and the vacuum.

Are there any examples of FREE Energy technologies utilizing a torque field? Yes:

The Steven Mark Device, by Otto Sabljaric and Roberto Notte.
Google video
replication of the Steven Mark Device.

Torque Field Research:



My inspiration for writing my book: The Parametric Power Conversion, by Jean-Louis Naudin.

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The Ranch Project

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